Not quite the 6503 from last year, but still an appreciable sum.  Looking back on 2012 I met several long term goals:
1.       Completed several Modern Spearhead Brigade Combat Teams:
·         Ultra-Modern Soviet Brigade with T-902, BMP-3s
·         US  Heavy Brigade with M1A2 Tuskers, M2A3s and M-ATVs
·         USMC MEB with Infantry, LAV-25s, M1A1s and LCACs
·         Challenger 1/Warrior  equipped BOAR armor regiment
·         2nd BDE Forward (early 80’s) Cold-War era US
·         1974 Era Soviet BTR-60 equipped MRR
·         1974 Era US Armor Brigade
·         Late 80’s Era West German Panzer Brigade
·         Ultra-Modern German Panzer Brigade with Leo 2A6 and Puma.
·         Ultra-Modern Israeli Armor Brigade with Merkava IV, Achzerit and Namers

2.       Re-based and/or re-habilitated some of my neglected armies
·         GW WFB 3rd and 4th Edition Empire Armies
·         15mm War of 1812 Americans
·         15mm Sengoku era Japanese

3.       I also “finished” several of my 6mm Baccus armies to include
·          Middle to Late Republican Roman
·         Early Imperial Roman
·         Britons/Celts
·         War of the Roses
·         Huns
·         Gempei War Japanese
·         Sengoku Era Japanese

4.       Finally I took a plunge into some new areas to include
·         3mm Soviet MRR and TR
·         3mm West German Panzer Brigade and Panzer Grenadier Brigade
·         15mm Dwarf, Elf, Orc and Undead Fantasy Armies

Not bad overall when you include the moving to a new home and building a new game room to the mix.  According to Ian's Scoring system I scored a 5177 for the year.  (Ian, if you read this I cut the score values from 6mm in half for 3mm.)  I think maintaining this blog is a positive factor in that it provides a little more motivation to paint rather than play computer games or idle in front of the television.  Since starting this blog I have completed almost 12,000 miniatures over half of which had been sitting idle in tins and boxes in the hobby chest.  I appreciate all the visits and comments from many of you that make this more of an interactive exercise than a dear-diary on my computer.

That said, the best way to ensure that I meet my goals for the coming year is to publish them here to use as evidence against my future lethargy in the coming year.  Thus, here are my hobby goals for 2013:

  • Finish painting my incomplete projects

·         6mm Sassanid Army 
·         6mm Parthian Army
·         6mm Norman/1st Crusade Army
·         All of my unpainted terrain pieces (Tiles and Building)
·         28mm Spanish-American War Americans. (Mounted Roughriders and dismounted Buffalo Soldiers)
·         6mm Austrian 1809 Army (When Baccus releases the Landswehr)
·         6mm French 1809 Army (when Baccus updates the range)
·         20mm WWII USMC and US Paratroopers
·         15mm War of 1812 US Army
·         15mm War of 1812 British/Canadians
·         15mm HYW
·         1/6000 Scale WWII  US and Japanese fleets
·         1/2400 Age of Sale US, British and French fleets
·         15mm Elves, Dwarves and other Nerdy things.

  • New Painting Projects I want to start
·         28mm Norman force for Saga
·         6mm Polish Great Northern War

2. Other Projects to complete
·         Re-base my War of 1812 British to match my Americans
·         Rebase my Empire Cavalry and Britonnian Armies from WFB 3rd and 4th Edition

4. Finally I want to trade-away or sell the accumulated miniatures I may never actually get to.  Like many of you I collect too many different armies in too many different scales.  I need to whittle it down some.  To that end I resolve to inventory, list and trade away/ sell the following:
·         15mm Colonial French
·         15mm Minifig Samurai
·         15mm Early Imperial Romans (Old Glory and Essex)
·         20mm Viet Nam US, NVA and VC
·         25mm Old Glory ECW
·         Fleet Action Scale Babylon 5 starships
·         Unpainted Battlemechs
·         Unbuilt 1/72 Scale modern and WWII tank models
·         15mm Essex Renaissance Era Germans/Italians/Poles etc.
·         15mm Old-Glory and Minifig Napoleonic French, Prussians and Brits
Now to actually get to it…..


  1. That is a HUGE number, Jake! Great job. Good luck in whittling down the number of periods. That, alone, is a formidable task.

  2. Very impressive production, both in terms of figures painted and projects completed!


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