Samurai Battles - Battleflags

While prepping my 15mm Samurai for use in Command and Colors - Samurai Battles,  I thought it would be useful to make separate banners to mark unit affiliations and  types.  My collection already has 50+ units in various colors, which makes it difficult to remember who is fighting on which side.  Add to this the tendency for some Daimyo to seek fortune with the other side mid-battle, and it seemed like a good idea.

As the base game comes with  a series of scenarios based around 4th Kawanakajima, I opted for the Takada Mon for one the Yellow Side and Uesegi Kenshin's Dragon character for the Red side.  (The scenario book uses these colors for set-up.)  To make things easier for game play, I opted to add the color symbol for each unit type to the standard.  (Can you see the problem with my first draft?)


The flags were printed out on a color printer and attached to stick pins I picked up at Office Depot.  I glued used some craft beads I harvested from the Mrs' craft room to the bases and Voila!  To increase the durability, and improve appearance, I gave each a generous coat of gloss varnish.

Why won't you just stay glued!!!

Some of the beads did not adhere so well, so version 2.0 is coming soon with uniform beads and corrected banners.  I may also change the banner colors to Red/Black for Takada and Black/White for Uesegi to match up with the colors from Heaven and Earth.  The game plays like a Samurai movie, so the banners should add to the effect.  

BTW the game photos are shamelessly stolen from Jon's AAR for the game we played a few weeks ago.  


  1. Very handsome battle flags. Yeah, the version 1.0 banners provided a good chuckle and a bit of head scratching until I figured out what was going on.

  2. Overall a clever and functional idea.

  3. Very good idea, hope your wife does not miss the beads, she may take revenge and come up with a use for some of your figures LOL



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