Last of the Celts

I am now prepared to declare an end to painting 6mm Celts.. For now....

For the sake of completeness I went ahead and ordered a pack of unarmored Celtic cavalry to use as light horse for Command and Colors Ancients.  Overall I got four units out of the bag when I rounded them out from my other odds and ends.

I always try to base my cavalry so units can be identified readily.  For these units I went with Staggered column Right, staggered column left, wedge and echelon left.

 Again, for completeness, I also ordered a pack of fanatics.  These were used to create two units of charging naked dudes certain to upset their opponents.  (I can see it now, "um? Excuse me, Gaius?  Would you please tell these guys that I am NOT fighting them until they put on some pants.")

For the paint scheme I tried to keep them unified by doing all of the shields in Yellow and Red.  I think it highlights the fanatical nature, and distracts you from the fact they are not wearing clothes.

Eventually I will try to do some group shots of the army.  Maybe after I finish the Sassanids, or the 15mm Samurai....


  1. OK, I'll admit it - I clicked on the pics to see if they were wearing pants or not... in 6mm, I couldn't tell.

    Kind of gives a new meaning to Henry V's St Crispin's day speech:

    "And hold their manhoods cheap", eh? :-)

    (It's OK, I'm a doctor)


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