Here come the Huns

When will I use them?  I don't know.  I just love the way they look sweeping across the steppes en masse.  In finally got around to basing and finishing these 6mm Hun horse archers.  Combining these with my Sassanid horse archers, I think I can safely not worry about painting horse archers for awhile.  I have become quite enamored with Command and Colors Ancients, so I opted to collect them into groups of three stands each.  To make unit ID easier I tried to create a basing pattern I could recognize readily.  I went with 4 figs/stand on the assumption they would be light units for CCA.

These pair up with my three command stands and four units of Hun nobles to form the rest of the army.  For CCA I am planning on using some Nobles and Medium cavalry and others as Heavies.  Does anyone know of a published list for stats on the Huns someone else has done?

As a continuation of my 6mm Show and Tell, I also finished another unit of Celtic archers.


  1. Great to see them all out like that, hopefully you will get to play them sometime soon.


  2. Nice look en masse - a true horde! Best, Dean


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