Halloween - Day 1

Dawn came late on this brisk October morning.  The king stood atop a parapet watching as the world shivered awake in the morning light.  Below he could hear the bustle and clank of preparations for the fall harvest festival.  The crops had been good this year, and the people had well earned their celebrations.

A flutter of motion on the road caught his attention.  Two riders, messengers of the Northern Province from their livery thundered towards the gates at a full gallop.  The king turned towards the stairs, intent on meeting this news in the courtyard below.  

"My lord, bandits have seized the village of Northgate," the messenger reported breathlessly.  "Duke Daud requests your assistance"
The village of Northgate
The King considered him for a moment. "Relax young man, what has happened?  How many bandits?"  

"They came in the middle of the night, several dozen men with Spears and Firelocks.  They are holding the village, but have not attacked the gate directly.  They are fortifying themselves in the village, and rumors abound of a much larger force approaching from the northern steppes"

"They will not hold it long, get some food and what rest you can.  We ride in three hours."

Three hours later, the king rode out accompanied by his Royal Guard, some household knights and a unit of outriders.  He ordered his captains to complete the assembly of the infantry and follow as soon as they are ready.  The group rode through the night, arriving early the next morning just south of the gate itself.  There they met another group of outriders, and two units of the Duke's archers moving towards the Northgate....

The king sent his archers to occupy the walls and pour fire into the bandits.  Meanwhile he lead a fast column of outriders to overrun the defenders.  His heavy Knights were hard pressed to keep up with the advance.
King Mason Leads his small force out of the Northgate.
In the distance, the bandits prepare to defend their position.
The sky was darkened with volleys of arrows, the defenders hunkered into their defenses trying to avoid the deadly rain.  The fire slackened briefly, and they looked up to see the charging knights virtually on top of them.  In a short and fierce melee the bandit handgunners utterly vanquished.

The outriders crash into the defenders.  Vaulting the fences and driving the  gunners back.
In the North, the bandits fared better,  The outriders were overconfident and charged headlong into a phalanx of pike-men.  Many of the horsemen were cut down, and their courage failed them.  Seeing the hesitation in the line, the King ordered his guard forward and plunged headlong into the Pikes.  The Royal Guard paused to deliver a fusillade from their own powder weapons, as the king transformed himself into a whirling tornado of steel.  

Following up from the loss of the Northern outriders, King Mason personally charges into the melee, with his Royal Guard in close support. 
A second group of Pikes threatened to overwhelm the King, when a flight of arrows erupted from the woods all around him.  Bandits fell left and right.  A group of Forest Rangers emerged from the woods, charging one of the Bandit leader's captains.
Woodland Rangers emerge from hiding to assist in driving away the Bandits.
Seeing an opportunity to end the fighting, King Mason charged the Bandit leader and cut him down in single combat.  Their leader fallen, the remaining Bandits gave up the fight and surrendered.

King Mason stands triumphant over the enemy leader.

The king stood before the two bedraggled warriors.  "Why did you do this? What could you have hoped to gain?" he demanded.

The one on the left seemed to wilt before him.  "Ya dun unnerstan milord.  Der's tings comin'  Awful tings"

The other found his courage and chimed in.  "Ya, da boss told us to take the village soz' we'd av a place to hol' up agin dem tings"

The King looked confused "What 'things' do you mean"

"I juz eard storiz is all.  Monsters, terrible monsters."

The King turned as a Ranger approached.  He nodded to the man and smiled.  "My thanks, good sir.   Your help was most beneficial."  

Perhaps you can return the favor your Grace.  We've come for your help, their are goblins in the hills.

The King looked confused, "Goblins?  Are we to be assailed by children's stories?"

"I thought it a joke yesterday morning my self, your Grace.  But today I am here to tell you there are goblins in the hills, and they are moving this way......"

For the record, I suck at creative writing.  The above game was played out using modified Command and Colors rules and the attention/imagination of a 1st Grader.  Day 2 follows....


  1. I think the story worked just fine, and I imagine King Mason did as well!


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