Modern US Army Part II

I finished the latest addition to my Modern Spearhead force thanks to GHQ's new M2A3 models.

I was able to complete the first Combined Arms Battalion for my 1st Cavalry Division Heavy Brigade Combat team:

I added the ITV to represent the Battalion's Fire Support Teams, since I have seen the new B-FST yet.  The M2A2 is standing in for the M3s from the Scout Platoon along with the M-ATV.  I still need to do a BN HQ stand.

The 2nd Battalion is still lacking one of the Armor companies, so I added some SHORAD to make up for it.

Most Importantly I need the Brigade Cavalry Squadron

The MTOE on the HBCTs seems to be in a constant state of flux.  I have two Assault Breaching Vehicles awaiting mine plows, and a pack of M577's to provide some command elements.  I will need to add some M1151s for the MPs, and some Bradley's for the ENG company.  I think I will eventually add a National Guard CAB with M1A1s and M2 ODS just to give some additional maneuver capability.  


  1. Some really good models and well painted, you brought the best out in them


  2. Thanks. I am trying to do some 70's era stuff in MERDC right now, but without the same level of success...


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