Getting Limber part II

I finally completed some French limbers and Caissons.  As with the Austrian models, I decided to forgo using all six horses, and just stick to four to allow room for the artillery stand

This of course has left me with a lot of leftover draft horses, and I am considering either kit bashing some wagons, or checking with Baccus to special order some wagons without teams.

I finished two additional Caissons.  I did two for the French and two for the Austrians.  I like the way they look so I will have to get at least another package on my next Baccus miniatures.

I tried to model the roads on the bases like I did with the Austrians, and I really like the affect.

The next few updates will be rather Micro armor heavy, so my apologies to those enamored with the pre-industrial age of combat.


  1. Once again, I really like the look of your limbers, and I think you made the right call for 4 horses instead of six. Now for some supply and/or pontoon wagons to use those spare horses...

  2. Like I said, I am now trying to figure out a good way to mass produce some kit-bashed wagons. One more project to add to the list...


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