Blast from the Past: Davion Guards

Not a recent addition, but I was putting these into a storage case and felt compelled to share them.  These are by-far my favorite Battletech models for both the paint scheme and the Nostalgia value.  I did these in the Davion Heavy Guard scheme from the original Battletech source material, not the re-imagined outlandish French flag scheme.  These are all original Lead minis, three of which belong to the "Unseen" category of designs 'borrowed' from various Japanese Anime properties

The Warhammer, the model that got me playing this game 25 years ago.




  1. Ah the Archer one of my fav Mech's but also liked the Locust


  2. The early Locust model was the first time I ever tried Dry-brushing. I was trying the blue-tinged black of Wolf's Dragoons and ended up more purple then I intended. Ahhh memories...


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