and like Kurosawa I make mad films....

Here are some historicals to cleanse the pallet before I hit you with more fantasy stuff.  I have been working on some Ashigaru to add to my 15mm Samurai army, and stumbled upon these old pics.

I went through a pig Samurai phase back in the late 90's, and have revisited it from time to time since then.  A Short History of Japan, is one of my favorite pod-casts, and usually inspires me to paint a unit or two  every few months.

Rather than focus on Clans, I painted these armies into color groups.  There is a Red Army and Black army as the primaries.  (Check out the Japanese film Heaven and Earth for the proper inspiration)  And then blue, purple and yellow groups as auxilia/allies.

I, of course, have plenty of Daimyo to duke it out, or switch sides with reckless abandon.  

One of my favorite forces are the Ikko Ikki and other warrior monks.

The models are just different enough to provide a unique unit.

I used to use these with the Killer Katana rules, I'm not sure what the rule-set of choice is today.


  1. Very nice looking troops!

    "cleanse the pallet" :-)

    First of all, very funny side comment!

    Second, sent me searching for the multiple words that are all prounced essentialy the same (homonyms), at least in the US:

    "Pallet" is a wooden platform, such as those the tents we had in Scout camp were erected on - Cleansing that kind of pallet in this context would be essentailly sweeping the table clean, making room for the next display item, which actually works quite well here.

    "Palate" is the roof of the mouth, or the sense of taste, which is what you were really looking for, and again a funny "in" joke.

    "Palet", which I'd never even heard of before, is is essentially a small "pale" in heraldry, i.e. and up and down stripe on a shield. I suppose techincally that wouldn't count as a homonymn as it would be pronounced pale-et, but considering it's heraldry, it still fits our hobby pretty well. As pales were sometimes used as marks of cadence to differentiate the members of a noble house, "cleasing the palet" could have interesting connotations of its own, especially considering the cut throat nature of feudal Europe (and Japan, of course).

    "Pallette" of course is the range of colors we use when painting, so "cleansing the pallette" has a pretty literal meaing with regard to our hobby, too!

    See, it doesn't take much to keep me amused, LOL! Sorry about the pendantic rambling, but I thought it pretty neat that all four meanings were potentially applicable!

  2. Great, one flub with the auto-correct feature and you've sent me into a full-blown existential crisis...

  3. Nah, not a comment on your spelling/word use, rather a comment on my own word-nerdiness! :-)


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