Winged Hussars

During my last order from Baccus, I was surfing around when I found these little fellows:
I've never really been interested in the Great Northern War, but I've always liked the look of the Winged Hussars ever since I painted my first GW Kislev Winged Lancer.  Their flamboyant uniforms and legendary martial prowess make for a great tabletop addition.   I read some accounts where they painted their horses red and white, so thought I would do the commanders accordingly for a little variation.

A single pack comes with 45 figs, and I asked for only two command stands.  That allows for two units of three for Warmaster Ancients style games.  Or one unit of 6-7 stands for Field of Glory style units. I based them in deep wedges as most accounts rated them as heavy shock cavalry.

Two wedges
1st Squadron
2nd Squadron
Baccus is supposed to be releasing some Ottoman Turks in the near future, so I am tempted to expand my horizons towards the Siege of Vienna.


  1. Looking good and you got to love Baccus, I'm looking forward to painting some of my French Naps foot now I have a few Cavalry units painted, got to wait till I have other projects done though.


  2. I was first exposed to the Polish Winged Hussars in Charlie Sweet's basement back circa 1974; he had the in 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 54mm, IIRC! They look pretty good in 6mm, too!



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