Roman Cavalry

I also took the opportunity last month to complete most of my older Baccus Roman Sculpts.  I had enough cavalry Auxilia to field three units of 4 stands each, and went with the wonderfully innovative concept if "Blue Shields, Red shields and Yellow shields" 

Looking at them now, I will probably need to go back and add a wreath design or something to the shields to make them more interesting.  Also the standards need some totem to make them look finished.

Overall I really like some of these older sculpts when it comes to the ease of painting and overall look of a unit.  The real issue is whether I can find some more of these old sculpts to bulk out the units if I decide to give FOG a whirl. 


  1. Get in touch with Baccus, you never know. Also go to their forum and ask, someone will have some in their leadpile!

    Looks good



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