War of the Roses

Taking a trip in the opposite direction this time, I just finished basing some of the Baccus 6mm War of the Roses miniatures I have had kicking around.  I have been painting various "Age of Knights" armies over the years, and I wanted to try 6mm to get the appropriate feeling of 'mass.' for larger battles.  The Baccus figs paint up quickly and look far superior to any of the similar Irregular miniatures figures I've purchased in this scale.  For my infantry I am leaning towards 1.75"x.5" bases with four stands per unit.  I am putting 18 figures in three ranks for the rank and file, and 12 figures on the command stand to leave room for unit ID tags.  I go back and forth between using 3 and 5 stands per unit to get the right look, and am settling on 4.  I originally started collecting these figures with the intent of using them for Warmaster Ancients, but I am now somewhat undecided on rules for now.

Dismounted Men at Arms
I still am still deciding on the standards to use, so they look a little sparse for now. 

For the archers, I am still looking for the right balance and distribution of figures.  I am leaning towards 8 figs per stand in open order or perhaps in arrowheads like the onld warhammer fantasy rules.:
Archers in Open Order

Archers in "Arrowhead"

I am trying something similar with the crossbows, if only to leave a little space open for pavisse if I decide to add them.

I am organizing the cavalry in blocks of three, with heavy knights mounted lengthwise as "shock" elements.

The Men at Arms are arrayed with 4 figs per stand in a more open order configuration. 

I am sure things will change when I decide on a good set of rules.  To date I have tried Warmaster Ancients, Days of Knights, Day of Battle, Warrior Heroes and Warhammer Historicals.  I still don't have one particular one that appeals to me....


  1. These are great little units, nicely painted and based. I did try 10mm Naps a few months ago but my poor old eyes just couldn't cope. 15mm is about my limit.



  2. Rules: Well, there is always Band of Brothers 2nd edition by Piquet - quite different from the others you have, and of course written by your truly, LOL! Interestingly, the WotR era caused the most debate on how to model the "Bill and Bow" formations under the rules.

    Nice looking units, and the flags will really kick them up a notch when you add them!



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