Group of Soviet Forces Germany

Continuing the Modern Microarmor display I have my GSFG T-80 Regiment.


I was inspired by a photograph of a bunch of Soviet tanks waiting at a Railhead for transport out of East Germany.  The vehicles had a blue-grey/green/black camoflage pattern rather than the usual flat Russian Green.  I wanted to try out a new nozzle and compressor for my airbrush as well as adding details with Micron pens.  The results were fairly satisfactory.
BMP Command Stands
The unit is a TO&E GSFG Tank Regiment reinforced with a Motorized Rifle BN for Modern Spearhead.  (1PLT=1 Stand, or in the case of the Soviets, 1 Company = 2 Stands).  The Unit includes 3 Tank Battalions of Seven tanks each, 1 Mechanized BN with 10 BMP-2 and Towed 120mm Mortar, Recon and ATGM Companies, ADA Assets and some 2S3s for FA.

Various T-80s from GHQ and CinC

BMP Battalion including SA-14, AGS-17, and 120mm Mortar platoons.
2S3s, ADA and Recon assets (GHQ, In-Service and CinC)

Regimental Command with additional Recon, ATGM and SA-9 assets.

Just for diversity's sake, I decided to add a BTR-80 equipped Motorized Rifle Battalion w ATGM and AGS-17 stands. 
A collection of GHQ and CinC BTR-80s
I am actually quite happy with how this Regiment turned out, and plan to keep it as-is.  It makes a nice focal point when compared to the traditional green paint scheme of my other three Tank Regiments (T-55, T-62, and T-64) and two MRRs.  I also have a more modernized MRR equipped with T-90s and BMP-3s painted in the modern Green/Tan/Black scheme awaiting basing. 


  1. I like the tank division even though modern is not my period.



  2. Thanks, I am rather a dilettante when it comes to 6mm wargaming. I am currently working on my remaining 1809 Austrian Stands while simultaneously painting WWII early War French tanks (GHQ), Celts (Baccus) and some War of the Roses Infantry (Baccus)….


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