Wear and Tear

Continuing with my theme of experimentation using my Battlemechs, I wanted to try and add some wear on older models to give them a more lived in appearance.  I also painted some other backlogged models in the form of this Enforcer III and Falconer in livery of the 10th Lyran Guard.  

I finished these vintage mechs (Cyclops, Victor and Zeus) a couple years ago and they ended up looking rather uninspired. I opted to add some weathering by touching up the edges with black-brown paint splotches with silver highlights added over top.  


 I also tried using some new AK weathering pencils to muck them up with some dirt and grime especially closer to the ground.  Finally, I re-did the cockpit glass using Gold, Brass and Brown ink to give them a 'laser-resistant' sheen.  One of the hardest part of painting these types of models is getting the scales right.  Most of these models are supposed to be 10-30m tall.  I may add some generic buildings or human models to some of the bases to help set the scale that way as well.  


  1. I love the white and blue color scheme on these machines.

    1. Thanks. I picked it originally to look at how well the Contrast White and Blue paints would look.


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