another Renaissance in painting


It does not appear that I will be returning to regular updates any time soon, so I decided to start grouping completed units together to catalog some of my momentum for this year.   For this update I wanted to post some of the progress I have made on the Renaissance collection.  My approach to these figures has been to paint 3-5 at a time using different color palettes and then build up enough completed models to base together completed units.  This has allowed me to amass a sizable pile of models, including a nearly completed pike block.  I still have banners and streamers to do for the command groups and cavalry, but these units are far enough along to consider 'table worthy'

The unit above are some cobblestone miniatures mounted longbowman.  The rest are primarily from Adam Holme's 28mm Landsknecht kickstarter from 2017.

Arquebus unit:

Doppelsoldner detachment


and finally, the organ gun

Overall I am fairly happy with these, and combined with the Gendarmes, Pikemen and Generals I need to finalize comprise the majority of the unpainted lead for this project in the hobby room.  

not going to lie, with my long year of all painting-no gaming  I have a very eclectic mix of models waiting to update over the next few weeks. Stay tuned, if you don't see something you like it may still be on its way....


  1. Good to see your recent painting works, Jake. I like the yellow and blue motif. We need to get you back to the gaming table. I know you spend a lot of of your waking hours on the computer but if a remote game is of interest, let me know.

  2. Your Renaissance figures look great. Keep up the good brushwork!

  3. SUperb units...and I love the Renaissance artillery!

  4. Very nice work on some great figures. The Renaissance is always a favorite of mine to view others work. Please, keep 'em coming. -Impressive basing as well.

  5. Nice work.
    Don't kill me, but I saw the guy holding a cannon ball and thought how funny it would be to set up a diorama of these guys playing lawn bowls. haha :D

  6. To repeat those above; these are beautifully done! I really like your 'paint by colours' approach to building units. The results are marvellous.
    Regards, James


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