Viking pair


 A couple more additions to the Viking project this week.  Above is "Vagn Akesson, The Fearless Brother - Legendary Jomsviking Warlord" from Gripping Beast.  Below is a shield maiden from Brother Vinni.   

A lot of singletons like this coming up I suppose.  I have most of the projects  I have been working on nearly complete, so I have been focusing on clearing up the backlog if interesting bits that are sitting on the partially complete shelf.  With only two months left in the year, I am setting a goal to clear out as many 2020 and 2019 acquisitions as possible.  That means a lot of penny-packets of Vikings, Samurai, Landsknechts and Modern Former Soviet Republics (as well as SciFi and Fantasy figures)   


  1. Lookin' good, Jake. Nothing wrong with clearing up the painting backlog. I have spent most of 202 doing the same!

  2. I feel as though I have spent a good deal of the last decade clearing out the backlog. The key is to store the new stuff long enough that it just disappears into the mass of unfinished stuff.

    1. LOL! It helps if you don't add to the lead pile faster than you paint. Like any of us manage to do that for long... :-)


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