WWII British Paratroopers

Work continues on my 28mm WWII upgrade, with the lion's share of my British Airborne platoon done. These are a mixture of Artizan and Warlord (mostly Artizan).  I primarily focused on getting the jackets looking right.  This iteration used:
  •     Base: AP Desert Yellow
  •     Green: GW Angel Green
  •     Brown: VJ Red Leather
  •     Wash: GW Contrast Aggros Earth
I tried to make the patches look a little more realistic by starting with sleeves, moving to pockets, lapels, etc.  This meant I didn't have any unnatural overlaps where the real coat would have different pieces of fabric joined.  

Command group (PL, PSG, Medic)

I started with the helmeted models, so there are only the beret-clad models left for the core force:


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