Super-duper Paratrooopers

I added a few more models to my US Paratrooper platoon for Chain of Command.  Basically a three pack of BAR gunners from Black Trees Designs and the CPT Spears (made famous by Band of Brothers) character model from Warlord Games
I used Warlord's 101st Airborne decal sheet for these figs and did have a few issues.  A few of the models have raised areas for painting the patches on.  These are slightly different in size from the decal and leave some handing edges.  

An added "bonus" for this update is the "Furious Tank Commander" from Footsore miniatures.  This is basically Brad Pitt's character "Wardaddy" for one of the best tanker movies available.  (Let's be honest until Fury, all we had was Kelly's Heroes and The Beast)  I used Warlord's 2AD decals for this figure and had a similar issue as it has raised areas for the triangular AD patches and his SSG stripes.  Overall a fairly fun figure and an opportunity to try those decals before I use them on my existing Armored Infantry platoon.


  1. Nice work! A project we have not seen in a long time. I have yet to see Fury.

    1. It is a fairly entertaining WWII movie. The character depictions for the US service members are spot on. It is more of the kind of story that tankers would tell each other, rather than based in reality.

    2. I need to find it and put it in the movie queue.


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