Mount up!

Staying with the 10mm ACW collection for a bit longer, I managed to complete another regiment of Union Infantry, and a handful of Command Stands.  These are primarily GHQ models with some odd Crackerline/Plank Road generals mixed in.  This brings me up to five Cavalry regiments overall, and means that I really need to paint another couple units of dismounted cavalry to complement them.


  1. Great looking cavalry, lovely horses colors...

  2. Nice! Cavalry units are what I need to augment my 10mm ACW projects. In 10mm, I don't particularly like painting the little buggers especially the dismounted ones.

    1. I much prefer them at this scale than the larger ones. I don't have any of the Old Glory ones, are they case as a 1 piece or 2-piece model?

  3. The Cavalry and commanders look very good, Jake!


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