El Cid

Another model that has been a long time coming:  Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar:  El Cid!   He was the one personality I actually knew about before starting the Reconquista project, but I couldn't find the right model for quite some time.  Finally, I picked this one up from Gripping Beast.

Overall a very dynamic pose for the model that comes in six pieces:  Horse, Body, Head &Cape, separate arms, shield.  Assembly was the biggest challenge as the arms are rather thin at the connection point providing little thickness for a pin.  I opted to leave off the shield for now, as I think this looks a little more heroic.

Paints were my now standard mix of base coat followed by contrast paints used as a ink/wash and then highlighted.  Overall a nice model, and one that can built into a centerpiece for my 28mm Reconquista army.


  1. El Cid looks quite determined in his quest for victory. He looks hell bent for leather. Nice work!


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