The last units and a Kushite Parade

Whew!  At long last, all the available metal is painted and done.  The last three units are a nice mixed bag: 

First up is the "Pharaoh's Retinue"  These are some BTD armored ax-men with additional bows and shields.  I added four addition bronze armored archers to make a center-piece unit.  I wanted to keep the same open order feel I have for the rest of the army, so I opted to mount them on a 8cm deep base rather than the normal 6cm.

Next up is the third light cavalry unit.  I only had two archer figures left, so I opted to cut off the riding crop and equip the middle guy with a Javelin.  He slipped a little off to the side as the epoxy was curing, so I will eventually have to break him free to sit him upright.  

Finally, the last heavy chariot (I think this one is newline).  One of the horses was snapped off of its base, so I had to make do with a little pinning and hot glue.  Not the best look.  Something else will need to be done. 

So that is the last of it!  Time for a quick project parade:

All told there are 9 chariots, 10 units of Skirmishers, 3 stands of light cavalry, two stands of archers and 10 infantry formations.  More than enough to be ground into the dust by the Assyrian hordes.


  1. Outstanding, Jake! Your army is HUGE! Really impressive army. How great will be the display when our two armies meet? Now, we need the quarantine to lift so we can return to battle. Telamon has been set up on my gaming table for a month now waiting for an opponent. It may take until summer before we meet again on the field of battle.

    1. I was considering the issue. Perhaps we can find a way to play TTS! on Zoom? I can set up a web cam?

  2. I like the new chariot, and really the repair is inconspicuous. I would think that TTS! would be pretty amenable to Play-by-Zoom. The table can be set up using the process in the book for terrain, and the troops laid out on their respective sides, either as per the TTS rules, or just blindly by each side (I think the later is both better and more fun; talk about the fog of war).
    Each side could then take a picture of their respective deployment, and send it to the other when done. They would them each set up the opposition on the table (recognizing that some proxying may be needed). The game can then proceed in real time as usual, using Zoom, or even skype or facetime.


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