Runewar's Outland Scouts

Some random fantasy models to throw into the mix.  This is a unit of "Outland Scouts" for the human army in Runewars.  I managed to pick these up in one of the numerous clearance sales offered after FFG said they were no longer supporting the game. 

Overall a very interesting unit with dynamic posing.   I suppose some might work as character models for Rangers of Shadow deep or Frostgrave. 
 I also painted the Human hero that comes with the boxed set.  This is the second one I have done, so I opted to skip any modding this time and just go for a basic paint scheme.  The game comes with a stat card for her as a separate model, and for including her as a unit champion.  I figure that means that Mason can use both versions on the game board if he ever feels inspired to play again.  Otherwise, I have nearly the entire collection completed now.  Just a box of wraiths and one more human command group continue to taunt me from the lead pile!


  1. Great heads of hair on these figures!

    1. Thanks, the hair was the only place to individualize them, so I played with some different techniques.


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