More Footsore Dane-axes

Another unit of Vikings with Dan-Ax.  This time some unarmored Bondi join the growing force.  I opted to do less ornate clothing (no stripes or patterns) to set them further apart from their better armored Hirdmen counterparts.

This is also another attempt at shading tricks with the models painted a base grey with white over spray prior to color application.  I have decided that the Contrast Colors are my new default inks, and I quite like the results.  The shoes, belts and ax handles are all painted with the same color, but different shades of brown over top.  The pelts were a little more challenging with four shades of grey (white to black) and then a mix of three washes to get the right texture. 

Overall, I still quite like these Footsore sculpts and expect to see a fair number across the table this month. 


  1. Very nice figures. Interestingly I just saw another post with Footsore minis - for Mortal Gods. I've yet to try out this make.

    1. I really like the overall detail and presentation on their models. Nicely proportioned and the primer doesn't 'erase' fine detail. They have a rather lightweight alloy, and the only real issue I've had is that its hardness is murder on my drill bits.

  2. Well done, a beautiful and colorful unit!


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