I decided to pick up a selection of Griping Beast models last year to go along with my goal of converting the Viking collection to 100% metal.  I already had the Jarl Sigvaldi and his Jomsvikings pack painted, so I selected a pack of four Jomvikings to complete a 8-man stand of armored vikings.  This also gave me the motivation to re-base the old models and add some details to their paint scheme:


The Joms viking models themselves are on the large side (very bulky) compared to the more medium sculpts from Footsore.  (The Harald Hardrada model's head is about the size of a Footsore torso). The models are well detailed and provide a unique look with a more Slavic bent to the arms and equipment.

I went with some of the more ornate decals from Little Big Men to reflect their more 'elite status'  I plan to do the same with the Verangian Guard models as well. 


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    1. Thanks Dean. The LBM decals really help the overall look.

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    1. Thanks. This project is giving me lots of practice with adding stripes to clothes.


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