Cult-ure club.

Some more fantasy figures to finish out the month.  This is the balance of the Cultists from the Frostgrave Boxed set I picked up earlier this month.  I opted to try a deeper purple for this group as it seems the more appropriate color for summoning cosmic horrors from twisted realities...

 I broke the remaining figures into three sets.  Four missile troops, four two handed weapons and four w/ hand weapons. 

I felt a little inspired by this entertaining diversion, so I opted to kit bash some mounted cultists using some leftover plastic Knights Templar. 

There are still a pile of left over heads and arms from the kit, so I may add a few more down the road.  As it stands, I think I can use these for Rangers of Shadowdeep rather than pressing my Korean Heavy infantry into the task.


  1. The dark purple makes them look suitably sinister!


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