Giant Stompy Robots Part II

Shadow Hawk, Locust, Wolverine and Commando

I felt a little inspired from the revival in interest in Battletech and opted to pick up the most recent boxed set.  Unlike many of the mainstream games out there, this game has remained largely unchanged over the last 35 years.  This only difference appears to be the production quality on the written projects and the appearance of the core mechs.

Catapult, Awesome, Thunderbolt, Battlemaster

The latest box sets comes with only 8 mechs versus the 16 of the previous iteration.   The biggest change however, is the quality.  These are much beefier designs with crisper details.  They also have a more 'modern' design aspect versus the flat panel heavy aesthetic of the 80's.

To see the overall changes I picked out my favorite model for the game (The Battlemaster) for a comparison shot.  Below is a lead mini from the 80s, a plastic mini from the mid-90's boxed set, the 're-imagined' version of the early 2000's and finally the latest iteration.

They have definitely put some 'meat on dem bonez' over the years.  Overall, I like the new figs as they seem more robust than previous plastic models. This bodes well for the planned releases from their overwhelmingly successful "Clan Invasion" Kickstarter.  It is still a rather entertaining little beer and pretzels game to play, so long as you don't mind the random slog of weapons fire  and the chart heavy emphasis that peaked in the early 80's.  I still consider this game to be the best representation of two blind folded robots drunkenly fighting with shot-guns available on the games market.


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    1. Thanks, it looked like an interesting one to try out, and I am trying to figure out a good method for pin-stripping.


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