Finishing off the Onna Bugeisha kickstarter

"Lady Ichika and Vipers"
 Even more Samurai era figures for this month. This time it is the second half of the minis from the Bad Squiddo Miniatures "Onna Bugeisha" kickstarter.

Not much to add to my previous comments.  Sculpts have definitely improved but need the little things like scabbards and quivers.  More Naginata than swords would also be a little more accurate.

Tomoe Gozen - Fearless fighter who led 1000 warriors

Hojo Mosako the only female Shogun

I also finished off some more of the Warlord Games Onna Busgeisha figures.  In this case two more armored figures with Naginata.  These are excellent sculpts and I regret that they are no longer available.  Easily part of the best set of figures I have gotten from Warlord.

A little less inspiring is the metal figure from the Test of Honour Mounted Samurai set "Lady Takeda"  I decided to stick with the same Orange and Yellow scheme inspired by Lady Yae from the film Heaven and Earth. The plastic horses provided in the Test of Honour sets are fairly poor in quality, so I opted to use one of my Perry Metal figures I had left over. 

I still have two more Test of Honour Onna Bugeisha to finish, but this marks another Kickstarter painted and finished.


  1. More good work, Jake! Tomoe Gozen looks especially fearsome.

    1. Thanks. They have fairly limited utility in large Samurai games, but are useful in skirmishes. Our current foray into Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago has my Sohei heritor taking on Mason's viking warband. Things are not going well for my little band...

  2. All nice additions to the Samurai collection!


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