Rangers of Shadowdeep -Rogue's Gallery

With Rangers of Shadowdeep hitting the game table of late, I have been motivated to tackle some of the longer neglected minis in the lead pile.  The game allows for a rather eclectic mix of companions, thus I have fairly free reign to paint what interests me.  Above we have an old Citadel Swashbuckler that has been kicking around for about 25 years...

I don't know where the next two came from.  They are plastic figures for a game like Mordheim? I think.  The first one makes for a decent rogue.

The other one is a dude with an Ax and a 'skele-pope' hand puppet.  Pretty sure that is how nature says 'avoid me'  kinda like the spines on a puffer fish.

Lastly a pair of martial artists from one of the new D&D plastic ranges.  Not sure where they came from as well, but at least they are done.

Tomorrow continues with an examination of some of the scatter terrain I have managed to cobble together.


  1. This sort of thing certainly allows you to pass t things you ordinarily might not... and it is thinning the lead pile a bit as well!

    1. It makes for an interesting change of pace. Mason played another 3 games with me this weekend, I ended up needing to finish an old Thrud the Barbarian to join our adventures

    2. Almost like a skirmish version of HOTT - use what you like?

    3. I have never played HOTT, but I like the sentiment. Our party is currently comprised of 1 Empire Knight from the late 80s, Thrust the Barbarian, a old GW feldjaeger archer, a Perry ninja and bad squiddo Japanese woman with a spear....


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