Rounding out my updates for my 3mm Cold War forces are two platoons of AH-64s.  These were another very easy unit to paint as it is only an olive dry brush over a black base coat. I picked out each canopy with gloss black and just added a touch of yellow to the tips of the Hellfires, more for the contrast than anything else.

I have a large number of utility helos on-hand, includiing Mi8's, UH60s, Ch47s and others.  The real issue is what their 'utility' really is.  On the scale of games I am trying to set up, I am not sure how useful modeling a heavy lift battalion is going to be. 


  1. Regardless of utility, they look the part!

  2. They look great considering the scale

    1. Thanks, I find that mass is required to get the right look for this scale.

  3. Awesome work. About to slip down the 3mm rabbit hole myself!


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