1st Chechan War Part II

More Russian infantry from the Chechen War collection.  The models come with an array of field kit and uniforms, so I opted to use of mix of Soviet era TTsKO pattern camouflage for the two piece uniforms and "Sun Bunny" pattern KLMK  for the 1 piece combat suits.  There are three different types of helmet sculpted for the models including a traditional helmet (SSh-68), what looks like a motorcycle helmet (see model above), and the 'Sphera" type helmet used by the MVD (internal troops). 

The Sphera helmet is an interesting addition, I have not seen modeled before.  They are basically three titanium plates held in position by the helmet cover that created a spherical shape around the user's head.    I opted for a similar mix of camo patterns for these as well.  I kept all of the field kit the same color to provide a more cohesive look for the group. 

The only remaining model is a prone figure with an RPK LMG.  The set came with four prone figures (1 Russian, 3 Chechen), which I will probably finish last. Although realistic, I am not a huge fan of prone models as they are harder to use on the tabletop.  I usually save them for use as prone status or sniper markers. 

I will probably pick up the Russian VDV squad at some point to round out the collection.  Until then, I still have another 20 Chechen's to finish. 


  1. These are neat. Is the Sphera helmet worn by the guy on the left in the last photo? At first glance, it looked like a turban wrapped around the head.

    1. Yes, he has goggles around the helmet as well. Overall, I really like the quality on these minis. The attention to detail has everything except water sources. Noone needs to take a drink in war apparently.


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