Last of the Fusiliers

The last of the Fusilier regiments are now complete.  I give you the Weid Fusiliers

This unit was present at both Leignitz and Kolin, so there is a chance they may take the field as their namesake on my table at some point.  This brings the overall total up to five regiments of Fusiliers, which should be more than sufficient. 

I still have 1 more regiment of Infantry and then the Jaegers left to do.  That and all the cavalry.


  1. Excellent! Your two armies must be huge by now.

    1. Definitely sizable. I now have 18 regiments overall for the Prussians. I just need to finish 3 regiments of Curassier and I can start setting up Chotusitz.

  2. A snappy looking Fusilier regiment. Your progress on this project continues to be most impressive!


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