Nádasdy Hussars

The momentum continues with Austria's Nádasdy Hussars.  I opted to do this unit as they saw plenty of action in both the WAS and the SYW, thus providing maximum flexibility for scenario building.  This unit seems to suffer from the usual problem of determining uniform colors with some plates showing a Red bag on the kolback and various other colors for other uniform components.  I opted to simply go with the plate shown on Kronoskaf  lest I succumb to madness.  Apologies to those offended, have a G&T and think of puffy clouds or something...

The standard pole is still empty as I am considering trying something different for my cavalry standard bearers.  The scale is so small that no meaningful detail comes out.  Thus I am tempted to use foil to create flag and then try the same impressionist technique I used with my GHQ ACW figures and the Pendraken Prussians.  I will update if it works out, or delete this paragraph to eliminate all evidence if it does not.


  1. Wow, very fancy looking in green. Eye-catching.

  2. Austrian hussars add a lot of color to the Austrian army. Nice work!

    1. Thanks. They and the Grenz add a definite splash of color to the battlefield.

  3. These are lovely I like the basing with the split ranks, will think about this


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