More odds and ends

While looking around at a hobby store the other day I stumbled on to some pre-primed plastic models that Wizkids does for fantasy RPGs.  Included in the sets were a two-pack of Oxen for about $4 USD. 

The first thing I noticed was that these are actually true-scale beasts of burden.  Not the anemic metal castings of yore. 
I can't recall the manufacturer but you can really see the difference here.  

The models painted up fairly easy with a leather brown base coat, brown wash, highlights and then some minwax.  They will make some excellent scatter terrain for some skirmish games, and I may pick up a few to replace my other draft animals in my 28mm Landsknecht project. 

Also on-hand were some treasure pile tokens.  Mason has been designing his own board games of late, so I figured I would nerd out and do some scatter terrain. 

This of course inspired me to dig out a couple of Armorcast grave stones that have been languishing in the bits box for the better part of 20 years: 

Hey, you got to take inspiration where you can find it. 


  1. Paint what you feel like painting. There's little point in your hobby becoming work.

  2. I like 'em all! Each year when I see real oxen at the local country fair, I am impressed with how HUGE they are; much bigger than cattle!

    1. That was my thought. The same is with Warhorses, miniatures never do them justice.


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