A touch of fantasy

Mason has been playing some fantasy games of late, so I offered to paint up some elf archers for him.  He was looking for a particular color set so I tried some different things.    The first two are from the Reaper Bones lines.
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The last one is from the old GW Lord of the Rings line.  I tried some different techniques with these including a mix of washes and painted highlights (rather than drybrushed).  The new clear coat I am using, however is very unforgiving.  I noticed in the past that the semi-gloss sheen seamed to wash out small errors.  This spray eliminates all glare except for the glaring errors...

The 10mm SYW projects continues, but I am still awaiting the arrival of my restock of static grass.  Will this be the last update for the month?


  1. Coolest dad or nerd? What would Mason choose? Nice work!

    I look forward to seeing more of your 10mm SYW works.

  2. I like the colors you used on these.
    Having “cool” parents is of little importance to kids, except when they are in middle school, when you cannot possibly be same (to them, at least).😎


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