4th Observation Corps Regiment

Silence does not mean a lack of effort!  The 4th Observation Corps Musketeers now join the Order of Battle for Zorndorf. As with the other two regiments, I have made this group larger to reflect the 2100 soldiers of the regiment compared to the 1200-1500 in the line regiments. 

The figures are all Eureka minis, with the slight twist of using a mounted Blue Moon officer to reflect the colonel. 

I bought out all of Eureka USA's available stock for this project which meant I came up 10 figures shy for completing the 5th Observation Corps.  A supplemental order is in the works, until then the 5th stands ready in a diminished capacity.....

so close, and yet so far...


  1. Jake, you continue making great progress! I laughed at your slight twist of adding a Blue Moon mounted commander in with your Eureka musketeers. Eureka mounted officers lead all makes of my infantry, even Blue Moon!

    1. I prefer the scale and look of the Eureka commanders, but there is something to be said for using up all my leftovers as well.

  2. Beautiful uniform...and painting!

  3. Another smashing looking unit.


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