SYW Russian Dragoons and Zorndorf Update

Another major milestone achieved!  All of the planned Dragoon and Cuirassier units are now complete.  I purchased two packs of Blue Moon Russian Dragoons and a singe command pack, which provided enough figures to complete three 12-figure regiments.  (I basically use 2 stands to represent 5 Squadrons).  I only needed two Dragoon regiments, but all but two of the Russian Cuirassier units were actually equipped as such during this time period (the 3rd Cuirassier and Prince Fedorovich Cuirassiers).  The remainder were conversted Dragoon units that were still using their old kit.  Thus the third unit became the Kazanskiy Cuirassiers. 
Tobolskiy Dragoons
The Russians continue to be a fairy easy army for mass production as the only differences in across the Dragoon regiments are the standards.  Otherwise the uniforms are all the same.  I am sticking with my color coding plan by using a mid-tone brown for all the Dragoons to make them easily distinguishable from the heavy (Dark Brown) and Light (Tan) regiments. 
Arkangel Dragoons
The blue moon command group comes with mounted drummers, which necessitated me moving them to the outside of the densely packed bases.  The drum sticks out too far otherwise and breaks up the line. 
Kazanskiy Cuirassiers

This additions means that Gaugreben's Cavalry Division is now complete, and Demiku's Brigade is only lacking the Horvat Hussars.  I think I actually have more stands than are necessary as the Russians only fielded 25 Squadrons of Cuirassiers and Dragoons.  I am planning to represent the 10 squadrons of Breast-plate equipped Cuirassiers with four stands of Cavalry and the 3 sqn regiments of Dragoons, Horse Grenadiers and Cuirassers with 1 stand each bringing the total up to 9 stands.  (That leaves five stands in reserve for adjustments to the OOB)

I still have no plans to add any Cossacks into the collection for Zorndorf as I can't find any record of their adding meaningfully to the conflict.  If we opt to change it, then that will require a significant increase in my output.  (Most OOBs put them at 6-8 regiments or about 30-50 more figures to paint)

Zorndorf Update:

I have all the figures I need save 12 Observation Corps Musketeers (Eureka ran out)  and an adequate substitute for the Observation Corps Grenadiers.  Otherwise everything is in various states of progress.  All of the Division commanders are complete.  As for the regiments, working from Right to left:

Gaugreben's Cavalry Division
Complete;  Kargopol Horse Grenadiers, Novotroitskiy Cuirassiers, Tobolsjiy Dragoons and Serbian Hussars.   

Saltykov's Division (1st Line)

Complete:  1st Grenadier, St. Petersburg, Rostov , Chernigov and Schlusslburg Regiments (All Blue Moon).  Three Batteries of Artillery w/ Limbers.

In Progress:  3rd Grenadiers ( Command complete, musketeers on primed white.); Ladozskiy, Kegsgolm, Suzdal and Butyrsk regiments (Command primed white); Battery #4 (Crew complete, Gun and Limbers assembled) 

Galytsin's Division (2nd Line)
Complete:  Novgorod, Voronejsk, Riazansk, Muromansk, Troitsky and Nevskiy regiments. 

In Progress:  2nd and 4th Grenadiers (both need 1 BN each, figures base coated); Smolensk and Kazan Infantry (Complete, awaiting mounted Colonel) 

Browne's Observation Corps (Left wing infantry)
Complete:  1st and 3rd Observation Corps Musketeers.  Three Artillery batteries w/ limbers.

In Progress:  4th Observation Corps (Muketeers complete, command base coated); 5th Observation Corps (15 musketeers complete, command primed, need more musketeers.); Observation Corps Grenadiers (No suitable figures purchased yet.  Probably going to buy the Old Glory 15's pack), Dismounted Dragoon Battalion (using skirmish stand of Eureka Observation Corps Musketeers in coats.); Battery #5 (Crew complete, Gun and Limbers assembled) 

Demiku's Cavalry Division

Complete:  Prince Fedorovitch Cuirassiers, 3rd Cuirassiers, Kazan Cuirassiers, Arkhangel Dragoons,   Georgian Hussars, Moldavian Hussars.

In Progress:  2 regiments (20 figures) of Eureka Hussars for the 1st Serbian (Horvat) hussars. 

Still looking like I might just make it.  I moved the sequence around to finish off the cavalry and Browne's division sooner as Jon has painted some Musketeer regiments of his own that could be used in lieu of the outstanding regiments from Saltykov's division should something go awry. 


  1. Your massed cavalry photo is splendid. The blue really pops!

    1. Thanks. It makes a nice counter-point to the red hordes of infantry.

  2. Impressive amount of cavalry - I can almost hear their thunderous charge.

  3. Great looking cavalry! Basing issues aside, I love the mounted drummers!

    1. I agree, I think they are a nice unique addition to the unit.


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