Reinforcements for the 1st division

Some archers to join Konishi Yukinaga's invasion force in the Imjin War project.  These are from a single pack of Perry Ashigaru with bow, with an archery 'sergeant' thrown in.  Interestingly, the original model was sculpted with a Quiver full of arrows, but no bow.  I am assuming that meant his job was to direct fire and pass ammunition rather than shoot himself.  As I am using these figures for Test of Honour as well I figured I would add a bow so he can be part of the skirmish.  The bow is just one of the Wargame's Factory plastic bows cut from an Ashigaru arm.  

For the rank and file, I went with the same red and black scheme I used for the Japanese 1st division for the 1592 invasion of Korea.  I have read the archers were used to defend the handgunners while they reloaded, so I opted to do a simple six-man squad to defend my 12 man hand-gun unit.  

I have one more pack of archers that will be doing a similar unit for Kato's 2nd division.  The inclusion of the command figures freed up two standard archer figures, so I opted to use them to add to my Ikko-ikki/Sohei force:


  1. Nice work! Shame that Kato Kiyomasa is represented by Perry,Steel Fist and Kensei while Konishi Yukinaga is left in the dust. Though,to be fair,he only has one surviving suit of armor sans the kabuto.

    Do you have any plans to paint up a Ming army to reinforce your lovely Koreans?

    1. I would love to do a Ming Army, however have yet to find any suitable figures at this scale. For now, the Korean Regulars will have to act as proxies.

  2. Another round of fine additions to your growing collection, Jake!

  3. I'm always impressed by your job on this period, well done for these great additions...


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