Imjin Reference V - Murals and Art pieces

Another useful resource from the museum was the large number of murals posted along the halls.These can provide inspiration in terms of uniform colors and unit organizations.  

Korean General leads the defense of Jinjuseong Fortress

Large Mural showing Korean defensive works for the Battle of Haengju

Buddhist Monks during the Imin War

Korean Warships engage the Japanese off the southern coast.
A more colorful painting showing Korean officers


Mural showing a desperate defense in the early part of the war.

"Righteous Army" troops and Korean Garrison troops in battle with the Japanese

Earlier/Later periods

Medieval Period painting of a Korean general receiving the surrender of Northern Nomads
Earlier period Mural

Korean Cavalry in battle during the Medieval period.

Medieval Period battle

Korean Infantry fight a French Naval landing party in the mid -19th century.  Note how little the uniforms have changed from the late 16th century

Panoply Example 

Panoply with weapons and standards

Scroll showing a royal procession from Suwon palace.

Finally, an art piece from Jinjuseong museum.

That's the end of the sources I managed to dig up for the Chosin war.  I still have a large number of photos from the 20th century that I need to organize.  I will probably do an update later for the Ground, Air and Naval forces for those looking for paint schemes.  


  1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing this

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    1. Agreed, it was nice to be able to get some resources for what is a fairly niche area of the hobby.


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