Russians in Summer dress II - 50% complete

 Saint Petersburg Musketeers:

Rostov Musketeers

That is half the 1st line, done along with half the second line and the Observation Corps so far.  It has been a little over three months since I started, so I am still on track to finish by August.  The biggest challenge is really just finding the right models.  Currently noone produces dismounted Dragoons or Observation Corps Grenadiers, so I will probably have to settle on some suitable substitutions. 

Group Photo for the first half of the first line.  I am now 50% complete!


  1. Half way through the First Line is great! I sure like the look of the summer uniform with white gaiters.

    1. They are both striking, and rather easier to paint than the guys with coats.

  2. Catching up after a very busy work week, and what a treat it is to see these fellows arrayed on parade. Nice work,l Jake!


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