10mm SYW - The Austrians Arrive!

Did I mention that I was also doing SYW in 10mm?  Yes, still going ahead with that as well.  I used my Old Glory Army card to also get a sample of several Austrian 10mm packs to see how they will stack up against the Pendraken figures.  Overall, I am fairly happy.

They come in strips of five, rather than individual castings.  This means 20/stand rather than 16 for the Pendraken figs.  (Which are both slightly larger, and also have wider bases.)  I prefer the figure density I am getting, although the dynamic poses for the Pendraken figs suggests I might get a few units worth to sprinkle across the force.

My first couple stands are some combined Grenadiers done with mostly red facings.  Each stand represents a battalion.  I did one with white gaiters and the other with black to build in a little contrast. The figures paint up nicely en masse, and I plan on adding some differences with the colors of the gaiters, as well as mixing in some Hungarian units. 
The yellow looking facings were supposed to be lt orange, but the color didn't seem to come out right in the picture.  I have a regiment each with the corresponding colors.  It is fairly easy at this scale as the options appear to be:

Red lapel,  red vest. red turnback
Red lapel, white vest, red turnback
Red lapel, white vest, white turnback
As above, but with Blue replacing red.....

This is part of a more long term project as I build both sides of the primary antagonists for my own collection. 


  1. You are on a SYW bender in TWO scales (ok, "sizes" for the pedants)!

    Looking good!

    1. The 10mm collection is for me. The 18mm is meant for outings on your table.

  2. They came out looking very nice. I much prefer the look of 10's to 6's myself, not that I am going to paint anything in either of those scales regardless! You guys and your "poly-gamy", though - bad enough having multiple scales in use, but the same era in multiple different scales - magnificent insanity! :-)

    1. Would that be “poly-gamey,” Peter?

    2. Depends upon the hygienic habits of the players, I suppose... :-)

    3. There are too many crayons in the box to settle with scribbling with only one or two....


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