Soviet reinforcements arrive

I managed to pick up some Soviet command vehicles, so I updated the command stands with some appropriate miniatures.  

Next up are some armored bridging vehicles.  I opted to mount them on the oval stands to help distinguish them as essentially mission essential non-combat formations.  They are a critical asset for assault and river crossing missions, but otherwise do not serve a combat role.  The pack comes with five carriers and five separate  bridges, so I have one spare to use for a possible diorama.

Deployed bridges on my new Wizard Kraft river
 I also completed a mass of older model tanks (T-62s and T-55s)  Right now there are two battalions, or I can deploy them as one five-company battalion.

I probably need to put the breaks on this project at some point as I am quickly nearing the tipping point to completing an entire division...


  1. This project is expanding rapidly! I can almost hear the calls to give the enemy "Fire and Fury!"

    1. It has definitely taken on a life of its own.

  2. I see you have some Wizard Kraft (1") rivers with the muddy water; doesn't look bad!


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