Renaissance in 6mm -Finis?

Taking a break for the 3mm Cold War project, I set my sights on finishing my 6mm Landsknecht figures from Microworld Games.  I had enough figures left over to complete two complete squares of Pike along with a supporting stand of Zweihanders and Handgunners for each.  I opted to do these in a chaotic mass of colors to give me four complete regiments of Landskncecht mercenaries to face off against the Swiss and the Black Band.

As with the others I went with 1 large and 1 small stand for each block to essentially represent a three element deep formation.

The Zweihanders have a mix of shiny and dark armor to offset the colors.
 Same with the Handgunners.

I also found enough Crossbowmen left over to complete a normal stand to provide some added fire support.  These units amount the balance of the figures in the lead pile, so I suppose it is time for an army display.

Crossbow units

All Eight Pike Regiments

And again.

This time with their Skirmishers deployed.

And finally with a firing line of Arquebus.

The entire army on Parade

I am really quite happy with how these guys turned out.

These miniatures also pair well with other models to create a Renaissance Fantasy army to reflect a long dead Empire perhaps?

For rules I was planning on using Commands and Colors: Medieval but it appears to be taking its time getting released...
Ah well, they will enjoy their new home until then. 
I suppose this means that I will have to do some Gendarmes at some point?  No project is ever done...


  1. Wow! That is an amazing display of 6mm might! Absolutely smashing looking army. I anxiously await their test in battle. With cavalry, I bet yo could field TWO complete CCM armies. What do you think?

    Great job, Jake!

    1. I am looking for a good set of rules. I pre-ordered CCM one GMT p500 quite some time ago, no idea when it will come out. Perhaps after I actually do some cavalry?

  2. That's really impressive looking! The color on those is great

    1. Thanks, the detail vanishes quickly with distance at this scale, so I think the cacophony of colors works well for the period

  3. Great looking stuff... needs cavalry now... :-)


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