More Mechanized Infantry in 3mm

The 3mm project continues to dominate.  This time, I have completed an old school US Mechanized Infantry Battalion with M113s.  As with the West German battalion I chose to model the infantry advancing on foot with their carriers in support.  I had enough figs to do three companies plus the AT company equipped with M901 ATGM carriers.  I know that during this time period each company also had a section of two TOW launchers, but that is a little smaller than I am trying to model in this collection.  

One interesting thing I noticed with these is that pico armor apparently re-scaled some of their figures somewhere along the way.  These ITVs are about half the size of the ones I painted last time.  I also have another 15 M113s that are the same way.  

For the scout platoon I did a mix of M113 ACAVs and ITVs.  I think the original configuration was three launchers and three carriers, but I also know that scout and cavalry unit configurations seemed to vary widely between US divisions throughout the time period.  

I am also finishing off a battalion of M60A3s, so I did their scout platoon just using M113 ACAVs.  I seem to recall they had Dragon ATGMs during the time period, so I will give them some limited AT capabilities in the rules as well.

I also knocked out several supporting vehicles, and picked up some 50mm plastic bases to complete my Battalion HQ bases.  I think these are large enough to fit all the vehicles comfortably.  I still want to try to model some tents on the back of the M577s to represent their expansions being extended to form a field command post.  I would like to try to do some antenna as well, but I think they would be a little too fragile for long term use.
Infantry on the left, cavalry Squadron on the right

I also completed the M2 Bradley equipped BN by adding a fourth Infantry company.  I will need to pick up some more infantry at some point to round out the dismounts.

Done!  -ish
I am actually entering the final stretch with this project as I have only a few battalions and supporting figures left in the pile.


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    1. Thanks. The small size makes them easier to crank out.

  2. Again, I am in awe of your work in this scale, Jake. They actually look like what they are supposed to be. Amazing camo work!

    1. Thanks. I used the original baseline template and tried to pick out 2-3 key features for each side of the vehicle. I think it works well, especially if you focus on the 2-3' observation distance.

    2. I agree with Dean. It is hard to believe these are 3mm. The camo looks awesome. Hopefully, these are not too small for my aging eyes to identify on the gaming table.

    3. I have also been rather deliberate in my choice of colors and basing. All the WARPAC units are in Russian green with a brown earth base. West German are in NATO tri-cam, and US in MERDC or Field Green with a green earth base.


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