6mm Fantasy command stands

I am engaged in some late summer cleaning to prepare for the start of school in a few weeks, and am allowing my efforts to extend to the painting table.  I am setting a goal to pluck some unfinished projects off the painting shelf and get them knocked out.

With that, I finally finished these Microworld Games wizards and Elf command groups for the Command and Colors: Fantasy project I started with Mason back in 2013 (!?).  It at least feels good to have them based up and off the shelf..  If only a few years late.  (I don't think Mason and I have played since 2014...)


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    1. It always feel good to clear the slate from time to time.

  2. With these fine command stands done, perhaps it is time the 6 mm Fantasy armies returned to the tabletop?

    1. Not much interest in them of late. Much like the Renaissance project I am awaiting CC: Medieval to generate some new interest.


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