Red Storm Redux Reloaded

While my mind churns on a new ruleset, my hands are still trying to get the models ready as well!  I completed another pair of front line Soviet Tank battalions, this time using both T-64B and T-72 models from picoarmor.  Fortunately, at this scale you have to get very close to tell the difference.  (Hint look at the searchlights)  I am not as concerned with 3mm as the differences are far to minute to make out, and my ruleset is going to put more focus on overall capabilities than technical differences.

Going along with the two Tank Battalions, is a second BMP-2 equipped Motorized Rifle Battalion.  I still need to find a way to represent the AGS-17 platoons, but these are 90%+ solutions.

I also completed my first reconnaissance units.  For these I am using 50mmx20mm bases.  I want to have them operate differently from traditional platoons to reflect their recon roll.  I opted to mix the BRDM-2s and BRMs rather than keep them homogeneous.  

Related to the above, I did three stands of Combat Reconnaissance Patrols (CRP).  This is a unique part of Soviet Doctrine I want to capture. It is normal for a Soviet Motorized Rifle Regiment to be preceded by its Recon assets by up to 12hrs, and then still lead out with 1-5 reinforced platoons (3 carriers + 1 tank) to

Task: Provide intelligence to the Forward Security Element (FSE); attack forces blocking route and/or disrupt opposition operations; provide flank security
Purpose: Allow the FSE time to maneuver to fix opposition force.
 On the defense, the Soviets would normally have similar detachments deployed forward called combat security outposts (CSOP):
Task organization: Typically, two to three BMPs, with three-man teams. Based on the threat, it is usually reinforced with one to three dismounted infantry squads. Dismounted teams can be employed as forward observers or to execute antiarmor ambushes.
Task: To destroy TF key assets (i.e., engineers, command and control elements, reconnaissance assets, combat vehicles).
Purpose: To disrupt the TF attack. Specific purpose varies from mission to mission. The purpose may be to prevent the envelopment of the main effort battle position; isolate company/team(s), allowing the OPFOR commander to fight one company/team at a time, or to prevent TF reconnaissance from gathering information.

I also finished the last of the Battalion command stands,  this time I used 2 mortar models, but swapped a Shilka for the normal handheld SAM model.

With these models complete, I now have all the models necessary to field either a Tank Regiment or a Motorized Rifle Regiment with a couple extra battalions to spare.  Based on the size of most Western Brigades, the whole set will often be useful to ensure a balanced game.


  1. Looks fantastic - great job!

    1. Thanks. They should be joined by a Panzergrenadier Brigade shortly. Then I can start play-testing!


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