3mm US Mechanized Infantry Battalion

The cavalcade of 3mm Cold War miniatures continues!  This is US Army Mechanized Infantry Battalion equipped with M2 Bradley IFVs and M901 Improved Tow Vehicles. I decided to break up the monotony of forest green Bradleys by doing the AT company in Winter Verdant MERDC camouflage.  It seems tough at this scale, but the key is to remember the scale.  Above you can see the rough pattern in the close-up.  Below, is what the they look like on the table.

For the Infantry dismounts, I used slightly larger stands than with the Bundeswehr to reflect the 4-vehicle versus 3-vehicle platoons.  I used a healthy mixture of ATGM and MG pieces to get a more chaotic feel.  

I still haven't figured out how I want to model dismounts on the table, but this style does allow a quick method.  Infantry behind the carriers is loaded:

Infantry in front is dismounted.  

The battalion headquarters stands are similarly vexing, as they desperately want to grow out of all proportion.  (art imitating life for sure!)  I've got 1 ITV representing a FST-V, a Vulcan air defense vehicles, a pair of mortar carriers and the ubiquitous M577 command vehicle.  

So one more completed formation crosses the table!

I have also been making strides on an M60 Patton tank equipped armor battalion.  For this group I am going with the Summer Verdant pattern.  I plan on doing a mech infantry battalion with M113s to go along with them.

As you can, other projects appear to be sitting aside for me to finish this little lark gone out of control!


  1. Your modern project is progressing nicely. Man! That is a lot of armor base-coated green on your workbench! Do I see Chinese, Samurai, and what else in work? Busy painting desk for you.

    1. Let's see, there are Korean handgunners, Foot Samurai, two mounted Samurai Generals, 40+ Egyptian archers and spearmen, 160 6mm Landsknecht......

  2. Amazing work, Jake. Hard to believe they're only 3mm!

    1. Thanks, I've noticed that the vehicles have been resculpted over the last couple of years. The M113s I picked up were almost twice the size of my originals. It does make them easier to paint and pick out details.


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