Saxony on 6mm: Main Body Arrives

A long month without updates, but some progress at last!  Six regiments of Saxon line infantry ready to form the core of my brigade.

The minis are 1806 Prussian Line infantry from Baccus.  I used Peter's painting guide to select my regiment facings and colors.  Basically all the models were primered in white and then the fronts and pompoms were painted in a regimental color to offset them.  I used a Soft tone wash to keep from making them look too muddy, and went back with white highlights.  The flags were taken from the Bacus Saxon  flag sheet.  I also added a red edged Leibfahnen to my converged Grenadiers, but neglected to take a photo.   I found that the colors on the flags cracked easily, so I went back in and touched up all the primary colors with inks.

The regiments are from left to right.
  • IR #11 von Niesemeudchel
  • IR #1 Koenig
  • IR #5 von Oebschelwitz 

IR#3 Prinz Anton
IR#4 Prinz Clemens
IR#9 von Oebscelwitz

Admittedly, I selected these regiments primarily for the diversity of colors it allowed.  I inadvertently did two dark blue facing elements instead of a green regiment (IR#7 or 8).  I suppose I will remedy that if I find a scenario requiring more than six line regiments.  This completes all of my planned infantry units for the collection, however I am going to do the Leib-Grenadier Garde just because they look cool with their red jackets and yellow facings.

I also took the opportunity to knock out the last two guns I have planned for this group.

With that, I am dangerously close to actually getting this force done!

Project Status
  • 1 Stand of combined Grenadiers 
  • 1 Stand of combined Shutzen + BONUS STAND!
  • 6 Stands of regular infantry
  • 1 Stand of Hussars 
  • 1 Stand of Heavy Cavalry 
  • 1 Stand of Chevauleger 
  • 2 Stands of 6lb Artillery 
  • 2 Stands of 8lb Artillery 
  • 1 Stand of Leib-Grenadier Garde
  • 3 Stands of Saxon Generals
The cavalry units and Grenadiers are already on the table.  I neglected to order any figures for the command groups, so I suppose I will need to second some Austrian commanders to the job.


  1. Splendid...what a collection!

  2. Your Saxons came together very well and quickly!

    1. Almost there, I just need to find out what I did with my Austrian General figures!

  3. Great progress!!!
    The Saxons are a nice little army - Fair infantry, mediocre artillery, and superb cavalry! I love the Saxon standards!

    1. They are definitely a group that has grown on my. I just noticed that one of the standards is upside down! Thankfully 6mm is very forgiving for these kinds of errors.


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