Wait, did I actually paint Saxons?

 So, two and half years after purchasing them, I am finally getting to the last contingent for my 6mm 1809 Project.  You know, the one that started this entire blogging experience?  I decided to start off easy with the Saxony Garde du Corps heavy cavalry regiment.  The figures are actually Baccus Prussian Heavy Cavalry in Bicorne, but they make excellent proxies at this scale.  I have decided to increase the figure count from 9 to 12 to help my heavy units stand out on the table. (Eventually I will plus up my Austrian and French units as well).

I opted to do all the rank and file horses in cavalry brown, with different colors for the commander, guidon and trumpeter.   At this scale, most details are lost, so I tend towards using darker horses for the Heavy cavalry and lighter ones for the Light cavalry.  (With a mix for the Dragoons)   The coats are a simple buff with red collar/cuffs and a bit of yellow across the chest.  I need to add a touch of green to the flag to represent the laurels on one side.

I have several other units nearly complete, and if I can maintain the press, I may even get this project compete over the next six weeks.  Having said that, I of course completely jinxed it.

I am using Peter Anderson's 1809:Blunders on the Danube scenario book as the basis for my collection, and am using Baccus' Austrian and Prussian lines for figures.  I want to be able to do both Razyn and Bernadette's corps for Wagram, so I have boiled down this contingent to the following:

  • 1 Stand of combined Grenadiers (NAU03 Austrian Grenadiers)
  • 1 Stand of combined Shutzen (NPR24 Prussian Line in Bicorne Skirmishers)
  • 6 Stands of regular infantry (NPR21 - Prussian Line Infantry - Bicorne
  • 1 Stand of Hussars(NPR26 Prussian Hussars in Mirleton)
  • 1 Stand of Heavy Cavalry (NPR27 Prussian Heavy Cavalry - Bicorne)
  • 1 Stand of Chevauleger (NFR07 - French Chasseurs)
  • 2 Stands of 6lb Artillery (NPR28 - Prussian Artillery - Bicorne)
  • 2 Stands of 8lb Artillery (NPR28 - Prussian Artillery - Bicorne)

I use 1 stand= 1 regiment, so I have some figures left over.  My plan is to do one additional stand of Grenadiers for the Leib-Grenadier Garde in their distinctive red and yellow coats, another stand of Skirmishers and probably a couple extra stands of cavalry (1 Heavy, 1 Chevauleger).


  1. Two and a half years in The Lead Pile, is trivial!

    Good to see you wrapping up this fine project. Next step will be planning a game or two. Nice job on the Saxon horsemen.

    1. This is more about 2.5 years since I declared they were next, followed by two years of committing to do them in my resolutions.

      I am planning on trying some solo games using the rule set we tried last week. I think it will work well for this scale of gaming. The goal is to start with Sacile and then work my way forward to eventually get Wagram. Raszyn is #2, this the need to actually paint some forces from Saxony

    2. I have a few amendments to the rules from Montebello. One was that we (I) forgot to remember the EZOC rule. That would have stopped your marauding cavalry. Might have stopped my tumbling back disorganized on supports too. I need to find my notes regarding the others. When the QRS has been updated, I will send it on for your review.

    3. That may have lent to the problems, you are correct. I still think my cav ended up like Maximus in the middle of the table.

  2. These are little gems, Jake! Of course, I thoroughly approve of the planned 1809 games! :-)
    If you aren't fussy about the uniforms, the Saxons are very useful for 1812 and 1813, as well as 1806 (Prusssian "Allies").

    1. I probably won't go that far forward, but Jena has always had a certain facination for me. Especially in that it is indirectly responsible for the development of normal distribution curves....


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