Wait did I actually paint Saxons? Part II Special Infantry

Whew momentum!   Saxony's Grenadiers and Shutzen made it off the painting table.  The grenadier stand represents contingents from multiple regiments so I used a mix of the colors for my six line regiments: Red, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, and Light Green.  I did not find any references to them carrying colors, but I used a command stand with the group and will pilfer a Leibfahnen from one of the line units when I get them done.  

For the Shutzen, I did the same thing, and opted to paint about 44 figs to represent both possible contingents.  Looking at the Nafzinger collection, they appear to have been pieced out with 2 co per brigade in Bernadette's Corps.  I did one stand with 18 figs and one with 26 to see how the figure density looks.  

The experience has been fairly good so far.  I just need to finish some guns, and I will have the first two batteries complete.

Status Update

  • 1 Stand of combined Grenadiers 
  • 1 Stand of combined Shutzen  + BONUS STAND!
  • 6 Stands of regular infantry
  • 1 Stand of Hussars 
  • 1 Stand of Heavy Cavalry  
  • 1 Stand of Chevauleger  
  • 2 Stands of 6lb Artillery  
  • 2 Stands of 8lb Artillery  


  1. Very nice once again; I love the unique design of the Saxon flags, but the complex border patterns are pretty much impossible to do more than suggest (if that) at this scale! I, of course, gave my Saxon Grenadiers a flag as well! By all means do the Leibgrenadier Garde eventually - who can resist red faced with yellow, and bearskins? I certainly could not!

    1. Thanks. Fortunately at this scale all I need is the impression of the colors. The biggest challenge in painting the line troops is determining if I should use a white or black base coat. Each model is essentially 50/50.


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