More odds and ends....

I spent the long weekend battling illness in a Nyquil induced coma, so hobby time was signficantly diminished.  I was happy to receive a parcel in the mail however

That would be my long awaited rivers and roads from the Wizardkraft kickstarter.  I picked up the new "muddy river" design, and am quite happy with the results.  I will need to put a couple of layouts together to do a proper review.

Secondly, I managed to complete my "from the shelf" project this month:

These are "Foundation Battle Armor" figures from Microworld Games 6mm SciFi range.  They were mistakenly included in an order I made several years ago, and I never really had much I could do with them.  (Still don't I suppose)  I was playing around with some new armor washes I picked up, so I thought I would try them out.

These guys were painted in armor grey with grey-black camouflage.  I highlighted the weapons in AP "rough iron" and then used an olive green armor wash on the entire model.  The faceplates were then picked out in light blue with a white dot and gloss varnish.    I opted to base them in five figure elements on hex bases.  I assume I could use them for Battletech battle armor, but for now they are simple another chip off of the lead pile.


  1. Sorry to hear of your illness but very pleased to see that your Kickstarter Reward box finally showed up. Was this the entire order? I went with the muddy rivers too.

    1. It appears to be, I will do a complete inventory shortly.


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